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Rare Dog Breed: Portuguese Wirehaired Podengo Medio

Information at a glance:
Country of Origin: Portugal
Height: 16-22 in./40-55cm.
Weight: 5-44 lb./16 - 20 kg.
Registry: FCI, CPC, CAC ARBA
Group: Spitz and primitive type

Additional Information:

Purpose: This breed is mainly encountered in the north of Portugal. It is not represented in the US at this time (although there were known to be a few in LA about ten years ago which were featured in several family-rated movies). According to their natural disposition, these dogs are used for hunting rabbits, singly or in a pack. They are also appreciated as good watch dogs. The coat requires little grooming or stripping, just a tidying up. Most PWPMs are reddish in color- from deep red to lighter red with or without white markings. It also occurs in other colors that are rarely seen.

Similiar Breeds: Ibizan Hound (wirehaired), Irish Wolfhound (though much smaller!).

Other Activities: Agility, Obedience, Flyball, Lure Coursing, Tracking, Herding


Breed Club Information: