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Texas Buhunds
Adorable Norwegian Buhund Puppy

We are overjoyed to welcome these wonderful and unique Norwegian Buhund Puppies into our lives. They are so rare that this is the only litter in Texas!

We hope you enjoy the pictures on our website as much as we enjoy sharing them. Please contact us for more information including prices. We Have 2 girls and 4 boys.

This is a special breed for lovng families. Our adorable puppies mature into intelligent easy to train, loyal companions. They are affectionate and protective of their families. Buhunds are exptionally good with children. Members of the notoriously intelligent herding breeds, they are champions of home and farm. The remains of this ancient nordic breed were often found buried with their masters, perhaps a testimony to the loyalty of the dog.

Males:   $500 USD
Females: $600 USD

Contact Information:

Texas Buhunds
Telephone: 281-550-6277
Cell: 832-289-6007