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Silver Pastori Bergamascos

Silver Pastori introduced the dell Albera Bergamasco Sheepdog Lineage to North America in 1995.

Silver Pastori as we call ourselves, was formed by Donna & Stephen as a beginning work, always in progress, continuing with Dr. Maria Andreoli's life's love, the Pastori de Bergamasco.

We were excited to have the opportunity to introduce the Bergamasco Sheepdog to North America. Donna & I were hoping that we could find a family of Bergamascoites, like ourselves that would find the Bergamasco Sheepdog irresistible, and work together to help preserve the many amazing attributes that we have come to know.

In 1998, Fauno & Gae dell Albera had North America's first registered litter of Bergamasco Sheepdogs.

Silver Pastori's philosophy, throughout the years as the primary Bergamasco's caregiver has not changed. Today's common placed whims of fancy within the "Canine World" has not been part of our keeping. We have not changed the breed to our specific style or other dog fanciers ideals and hope that others will not as well.