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Lija Spanish Water Dogs

since 1985

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About Lija Spanish Water Dogs
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Contact Lija Spanish Water Dogs

We could boast that we have the most titled Spanish Water Dogs or the kennel producing the most Champions. But then, yet another breed club or another breeder will boast that only their show venue is the one that is flawless. The point in showing is to show your dog. Or if you are interested in agility, rally, obedience, therapy, working, hunting, herding...titles are earned whether the dog is competing against the standard, in the Group ring or wins overall Reserve or Best In Show.

Whether the dog is a working or a show dog, if you are going to breed your dog, then you should be doing something with your dog - this includes health testing to ensure that the hip testing is of passing grade and the dog is clear of PRA (through Optigen) as well as Congential Hypothyroid with Goiter (CHG). The latter which is the Optigen and CHG, if a SWD tests as a carrier, then this dog must be bred to a Normal.

Form indeed follows function. But you can't have one without the other. For those boasting wins, it is common knowledge that there are breeders that would win in the ring but would not be able to compete with other SWD. We believe in our longevity, strength in our breeding program as well as our great-great-grandchildren of our SWD are winning in the ring proving that the health, consistency, character and well-being of our SWD is first and foremost.

So here are our wins from the last few years, they are 4 generations that we can be proud of:

  • 4/13/13 Razor completes his KCUSA Master Championship, his International Championship and earns his UCI CACIB and CACH titles!
  • 4/13/13 Razor takes 7 Best In Show Runner-up!
  • Rumor takes 5 Best In Shows AND obtains 3 titles!
  • 10/01/11 Rumor takes (1) Reserve Best In Show and (1) Best In Show with the American Rare Breed Association (ARBA)!
  • 10/01/11 Rumor becomes a Kennel Club USA International Champion!
  • 10/02/11 Rumor takes (2) Reserve Best In Shows and (1) Best In Show with ARBA!
  • 10/02/11 Rumor obtains his Senior Master Championship with ARBA!
  • Razor takes 6 Best In Shows!
  • 10/01/11 Razor first point shows and showing against experienced adult breeds (he is just over 6 months old) he takes 3 Best of Breeds and (1) Reserve Best In Show with Kennel Club USA (KCUSA).
  • 10/02/11 Razor takes (2) Reserve Best In Shows and (1) Best In Show with Kennel Club USA!
  • 10/02/11 Razor obtains his KCUSA Championship making him the youngest SWD that we have owned or bred who has obtained a title at the age of 6 months (and 5 days old-the eligibility to compete for points is 6 months of age) as well as the youngest SWD we have bred to taken a adult BIS!
  • LIJA's Timber Oaks Blame Ria completes her UKC (United Kennel Club Championship) - Rumor daughter co-owned with Linda Scheele.
  • Timber Oaks Callie completes her UKC Championship - Chuka daughter, (co-bred with Linda Scheele, owner - Linda Scheele.
  • 10/01/11 Highview's Sorpressa Dulce LIJA takes Reserve BIS with KC USA as well as completes her ARBA AND her KC USA Championship - "Gemma" is owned and loved by Linda Cook and co-bred with LIJA.
  • Diego co-bred with Linda Scheele, Timber Oaks SWD obtains his AKC's Agility certificate for Novice Agility Jumper, Novice Agility Preferred. Congratulations to Linda and Diego!
  • RUMOR is ranked #9 of all breeds with ARBA (in the top 10 for the 2nd year in a row)!
  • Chola takes 6 Best In Shows AND obtains 2 titles. Chola currently is ranked #10 in Kennel Club USA AND #8 with the American Rare Breed Association of all breeds in only 2 weekends.
  • RAZOR is ranked #8 of all breeds with KC USA.
  • Remember Rumor has been in the US for less than 2 years AND this is the first year CHOLA and RAZOR has been shown
  • American Rare Breed Association (ARBA) Master Champion: LIJA's Bonita De Casa Hidalgo
  • ARBA Champion/Multiple Best In Show: Divisa De La Voz De Su Amo
  • ARBA Master Champion Unkashikic De Ubrique, CGC, Therapy Dog
  • ARBA Multiple Best In Show: Lija's Honey Bea
  • ARBA CH/KC USA CH/Multiple Best In Show Corazon De LIJA
  • ARBA CH/BISS LIJA's Rey De Corazon
  • Multiple Best In Show/Kennel Club USA Master Champion /UCI International Champion LIJA's The Kandy Man, UCI-CACIB, CACH
  • Multiple Best in Shows/ARBA Senior Master Champion/KCUSA Senior Master Champion, UCI International Champion Valentisimo's Tuvocuca, UCI -CACIB
  • LIJA's Pan y Miel" is deplicted as the poster child for the SWD
  • LIJA's The Renaissance Man bred out of Rumor x Chispee took 6 puppy Best In Shows at the ARBA/KCUSA shows in Cheyenne, WY the weekend of 11/9/2013!
  • UKC CH. LIJA's Jazzin to the Beat took a Group IV and a Group II on the weekend of 11/16/2013 and obtained her UKC Championship!

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