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House of Wags

The Biewer breed is a new breed in the U.S. Caring and raising quality, healthy Biewers takes a lot of time and dedication. We, at House of Wagging Tails only bred Biewers. We have a foundation of the best blood lines Germany has to offer. It is our intention to build on the best qualities of each dog.

The Biewer is registerable in Germany and the United States. The Biewers participate in shows sponsored by the International All Breed Canine Association (IABCA), National American Kennel Club(NAKC) and American Rare Breed Association (ARBA). Come out and meet the Biewers if we're showing near your home.

As a breeder of the Biewer , we are held to the highest standards of breeding. All our dogs have been super chemcast, brucellosis, and acid bile tested to insure top health before breeding. Each dog is OFA patellar certified to be free of luxuriating patellas.

When you are looking to add a Biewer to your home, please visit us at

Pictured above is Itzi aka Kassanova Snowboy, who is International & National Champion as both a puppy and an Adult.

Please visit often as there frequently new pictures and litter announcements.

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