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Gentle Winds Bolognese

Gentle Winds Bolognese is dedicated to restoring the genetic strength, health and beauty to this breed that was almost lost to the world. Never have we met a breed so dedicated to their owner, quietly close by, serene with a constant smile and never yappy. These dogs do not shed and rarely cause allergic reactions.

Gentlewinds has dedicated their program to securing the best representations of the breed from throughout Europe, Italy, Russia and the USA. We strive to breed phenotype to phenotype, setting type for a small ( 6-8 #) square bolognese with a short muzzle (which leads to that sweet babyfaced look). Always, we will be cognizant of genetic issues and do little line breeding to prevent the heartbreak of puppies that must suffer. With our family of Bolognese owners we work together to bring this breed back to their original glory. See my website for a complete history of this remarkable dog.

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Gentle Winds Bolognese