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Cuddleme Mi-Ki breeder



The Mi-Ki is an exceptionally docile, friendly and playful rare toy breed. Their non aggressive nature earn them a reputation of being huggable, full of love and affection.

Because of its even-temper and friendly attitude, they make an excellent companion for all life styles.

They enjoy people of all ages and get along with other pets as well. This fascinating dog, loves sitting on your lap and being taken for trips in the car.

The Mi-Ki comes in all colors, with two coat types, smooth and rough. The smooth coat being a little easier to groom. Also they carry two ear settings, dropped and erect. Average weight is between 5-8 pounds. They share common ancestry with the Maltese, Japanese Chin, and the Papillon.

Our breeding program's top priority consist of achieving happy, healthy puppies that meet the breed standard.

CuddlemeMi-Ki has all puppies veterinarian checked and disease free with a written health guarantee, including the first set of vaccines.

A Member in good standing of Mi-Ki Club Of America and (ARBA).

For more extended information please contact:

Denise Garcia
Simi Valley - California
Phone: 805-581-1437
or visit our Web site at