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Enjoy the artwork...

The RareBreed Network is a Web site for dog lovers and for all dog breeds. While we have placed emphasis upon the breeds considered to be rare in the United States, all breeds are welcome in our network. Our highest priority is to give you a central point to come for the most accurate information available. It appears to be working. The RareBreed Network receives over 80,000 hits a day.

RareBreed Network

The RareBreed Network site has been designed to make it easy to find information regarding rare breed dogs, clubs and associations, kennels, and individual animals. It is our hope that this will facilitate communication and help people to find the perfect companion, show dog, or new family member.

We are not breeders. We have grown up with dogs and other animals - some that are rare and some that are not. We have happy dogs that are loved members of our families. We have found that it takes quite a bit of work to find a reliable breeder - one that can provide you with a healthy dog with good temperament.

So relax and enjoy - and watch us continue to grow. Better yet, be a part of it. Breeders please feel free to contact us if you are interested in having a web page on the RareBreed site. Click here for membership information.

Thank you.